Better Together

Stylus Consulting (MJ Hampton) and World in Motion (Abby Hampton) joined forces about twenty years ago because we know how policy and communications go hand in hand. On top of being business partners – we’re sisters, neighbours and best friends. We also have a network of trusted associates across the country and around the world who we bring in to match talent with task (meet a couple of them below). Our value added is that when you hire one of us, you get an extended family of talent who have everything covered to get your job done right.

Mary Jane (MJ)

Fixer |  Pathfinder | Connector


Fact Finder | Data Visualizer | Communicator


Listener | Educator | Animator


Analyst | Scholar | Community Builder

MJ Hampton

MJ is one of Atlantic Canada’s best-known specialists in health policy.  Born in the UK and raised on the Canadian prairies, her career began at the Manitoba Health Organizations in 1984 as a policy advisor, moving to Ontario to manage a District Health Council, and then establishing the Provincial Health Council in Nova Scotia in 1991 – the first such organization to be legislated in Canada.

Her public sector career track was fast and peppered with remarkable opportunities, culminating in her appointment as Nova Scotia’s Commissioner of Health Reform. In that role, she was the principal architect of Nova Scotia’s Health Care Blueprint, which built new governance and delivery systems on a foundation of primary health care.

In 1997 MJ created Stylus Consulting, which has been a go-to consulting firm for thought leaders for more than two decades. As a consultant, she has helped pave the way for new models of primary and urgent care, supported physician communities in shifting to new frameworks of funding and accountability, opened the door for the use of digital health as a tool for quality and has been a long-time champion of First Nation health. She has also become a respected mediator in the health and social service sectors when a third party is needed to find the truth and move everyone forward. Above all, MJ has built up a high level of trust among clients and stakeholders for her ability to keep a steady hand through the disruption that comes with change.

In addition to her full-time consulting practice, she is a regular contributor to CBC Radio and has published several children’s books. Her home base is in St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia – not far from the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove – where she lives with her dogs, cats, horses and parrots. She has two daughters, Tia and Chloe, who she adopted from China in 2002 and 2004 respectively.

MJ Hampton

President, Stylus Consulting Inc.

Abby Hampton

Whether it’s to seed change, stay ahead of an issue or make one go away Abby and her team use every media platform available, coach client assets and connect dots others might not see. She has become well regarded for her ability to support the kind of communication that links data to decisions and ideas to action. She’s not afraid to unshackle people from old ideas and assumptions about the way things should be done. 

Abby was born and raised in Manitoba and moved to Nova Scotia to complete her first degree in development studies. In Ottawa, she ran the programming department of a global communications initiative that was funded by numerous governments from around the world and involved more than 50 affiliate broadcasters. There, she honed her skills in communication, management and public sector accountability. 

She created World in Motion (WIM) in 1999 and has forged a corporate alliance with Stylus Consulting, a highly regarded firm in the health and social service sectors. Abby is a trusted advisor helping clients to figure out the right questions to ask, the messages to share and, above all, how to collect and present information so people can get at the truth.

Abby lives in Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia, in a happily haunted 200 year old renovated farmhouse.

Abby Hampton

President, World in Motion Productions Inc.

Connie Duchene

Connie is a skilled, experienced facilitator and trainer. She has strong communication and analytical skills and is committed to respectful, inclusive conversations. She uses targeted questioning and sensitive listening to explore complex issues, to nurture and engage participants of small and large groups in thought-provoking discussions.

She is a Registered Nurse, and her many diverse professional experiences include providing stimulating educational workshops and skills-based training for individuals and small/ large groups, in diverse settings, for a variety of disciplines, in the health care sector. As a Needs Assessment Consultant for the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, she provides organizational needs assessments that ensure a strong foundation for training and learning programs, while raising awareness and encouraging interest and participation in future decided initiatives. She is a researcher and production manager for the family-owned television production business. 

Her French Acadian roots and language facilitate communication in some settings.

Connie Duchene

Hampton & Hampton Associate

Dr. JeffREY Wilson

In addition to being part of the Hampton & Hampton team, Jeff is an assistant professor in Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise & Development. Jeff has worked at the interface of economic, environmental and wellbeing research and policy for over 18 years.

He specializes in sustainability transitions, natural capital accounting, and wellbeing measurement. His research has been well recognized winning national and international awards. He has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals, grey literature, and several book chapters.

As an academic, Jeff takes pride in staying abreast of leading edge thinking on sustainability innovation and economic development. He is committed to research that advances flourishing communities and supports a culture of caring. He is a Research Associate with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, member of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy and visiting fellow with the China-UK Low Carbon College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson

Hampton & Hampton Associate