We know from professional and personal experience that navigating the health care system can be a daunting task. That’s why MJ has turned to the airwaves on CBC Radio with a weekly column called ‘Health Hacks’. It’s where she shares insider tips on how the health system works, and ways to make the experience of using it better. Here is a line-up of health hacks that are on the air:  

Wash your hands, don’t buy a mask and have a plan for the coronavirus
Getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to prescription drugs
Pets are good for your health
What Nova Scotia can learn from another health authority’s troubled IT project
What you need to know about drug recalls
How to get the healthcare you want if you don’t have a family doctor
Why you should ask healthcare providers if they’ve had their flu shot yet
Family doctors alone will not meet the needs of Nova Scotians
Kicking nicotine can increase your odds of surviving cancer
Why Nova Scotia should look to the UK for its sick note policies
Can’t recall what your doctor told you? There’s an app for that.
How a trip to the doctor’s office can make you sicker
How to be an empowered patient. Hint: It’s OK to say no
When it comes to home care, that first conversation ‘is absolutely key’
How to complain about health care and actually be heard
Why you shouldn’t put off cancer screenings until you’ve found a family doctor
Turn up early, come prepared: Tips for surviving an ER visit
If you’ve been referred to a specialist, here’s what you need to know
Do health-care workers wash their hands enough?
What a recreation therapist can do for you
Preventing seniors falls
The Future of NS Health Care
The importance of supporting caregivers
Stopping antibiotic overdose
How safely disposing of leftover medication can help fight the opioid crisis
‘We may be wise to cut men some slack’: Why the man flu isn’t a myth
How to navigate a health system ‘riddled’ with gender biases
Cautionary tale from Victoria
What you should know about accessing prescription drugs in Nova Scotia
What a health-care consultant learned as a caregiver for her mother
How to avoid health-care headaches when you need a procedure outside N.S.
What you can do to support caregivers this Christmas
3 ways to protect yourself from a medication mistake at the hospital
Why it’s important to talk to ‘the unsung hero’ of the OR before surgery’
You can’t deny the science’: Why all Nova Scotians should get vaccinations
Why patient no-shows have a ‘huge ripple effect’ on the health-care system


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